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THE GIFT OF WARMTH PROGRAM IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO NEW JERSEY NATURAL GAS CUSTOMERS IN MONMOUTH AND MIDDLESEX COUNTIES ONLY. Applications for any other county or utility company for Gift of Warmth will be disqualified.
The Gift of Warmth, funded by New Jersey Natural Gas and customer's donations to assists customers who have exhausted other forms of energy assistance, as well as those who are experiencing financial difficulties because of illness, high medical expenses, or other unanticipated circumstances. AHA assists with the application process to help qualified customers who cannot afford to pay their NJNG bill.
If you wish to receive more information about the Gift of Warmth Program and the application process, please call 732-389-2204.  Or if you want to download an application click here: http://www.njpoweron.org/documents/gift-of-warmth-application.pdf


ACE HELPING HANDS                 
Atlantic City Electric and the Affordable Housing Alliance are partnering to provide assistance to ACE residential customers who are currently behind on their Atlantic City Electric bill.  The new program is called ACE Helping Hands. Eligible customers can receive up to $200/year in assistance through this program within a 12 month period.

Client must reside in New Jersey and the household annual income must be within 400% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.


Household Size

1 Person

2 Persons

3 Persons

4 Persons

5 Persons

6 Persons

7 Persons

8 Persons

9 Persons

Max. Annual Income










You can download an application by clicking here

In addition to your completed application, please provide the following supporting documents:
1.  Copy of Social Security cards for all household members.
2.  Proof of income for all household members age 18 and over, or a statement of non-income for all household members age 18 and over claiming no income (if applicable).  Income must be within the last 60 days prior to the application.
3.  Copy of current Atlantic City Electric bill in household member’s name.

You can send your application and supporting documents through email, fax, regular mail, or by dropping it off at one of our offices. 

If you are a current TRUE/PAGE recipient (meaning you are receiving or have applied for utility assistance with AHA within the last 30 days), you DO NOT have to provide any additional documents with this application, but you will need to complete, sign and return this application, in order for it to be processed and considered for eligibility.  
If you wish to receive more information about ACE Helping Hands and the application process, please call our office at (732)389-2204 or (732) 982-8710.

**PLEASE NOTE: Additional documents may need to be requested once your application is reviewed**