Payment Assistance for Gas and Electric (PAGE)

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The Affordable Housing Alliance ( is the administrator for the Payment Assistance for Gas & Electric (PAGE) program. The PAGE program, funded by the Board of Public Utilities (BPU), is an ANNUAL assistance program and is designed to help low to moderate income households across the state of New Jersey who are experiencing economic hardship and struggling to pay their electric and natural gas bills.

The PAGE energy assistance program benefits homeowners and renters who are NJ residents; have not have received USF in the past 6 months or HEA within the last heating season, facing a crisis situation that includes a documented notice of overdue payment for gas and/or electric service, and have a past history of making regular payments towards their utility bills.

Affordable Housing Alliance has partnered with Affiliate agencies in the different counties to assist local clients in completing the application process. Click here for a list of agencies.

Clients who have previously received a TRUE grant can apply to receive PAGE grant 60 days after the receipt of the TRUE grant. Note, all program requirements must be met and some or all supporting documents may need to be re-submitted.

The Alliance administers several utility assistance programs. If you are not sure which program you qualify for, please click here.