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PAGE Requirements

Find out if you qualify for help in just a few steps.

Applicants for the PAGE Program must meet ALL of the following requirements:

1. Currently receives gas and/or electric services from one of the following companies:

2. Annual income per applicant household size must not exceed the following amounts:

Annual income per client/household size.

Household Size 1 Person 2 Person 3 Person 4 Person 5 Person 6 Person 7 Person 8 Person 9 Person 10 Person
Maximum Annual Income $69,282 $90,600 $111,918 $133,237 $154,553 $175,872 $179,870 $183,867 $187,864 $191,861

3. Demonstrate that the gas and/or electric account is currently past due, and/or has received a disconnection notice, and/or service has already been disconnected. Minimum $100 account balance.

4. Applications CAN NOT be processed until all requested documents are submitted.

Eligibility Notice: Households applying for PAGE that have $15,000 or more in liquid assets (savings, stocks, bonds, etc.) may be deemed ineligible for benefits.

Required Documents for PAGE

Please complete the application in its entirety and provide COPIES of the following documentation:

Primary Identification

For all household members who have social security cards, a copy of the card or other verification of the social security number.

For anyone in the household(s) who does not have a social security number, they can still apply for PAGE.

Valid form of NJ Identification

One valid form of NJ ID such as a valid driver’s license, ID card issued by federal, state, or local government agencies, U.S. Military or Veteran ID card, New Jersey’s Medicinal Cannabis Program Card, or voter’s registration card of the primary applicant with current address.

Proof of Income

Copies of proof of gross income within the past 60 days for all members of your household, age 18 and over, for four consecutive weeks, including:

  • Pay stubs: if paid bi-weekly, 2 consecutive stubs. If weekly- four consecutive stubs.
  • Social Security of any kind, current year award letter, or a current bank statement.
  • Pension: current pension statement.
  • Unemployment: we can accept the “Loops Letter” from the unemployment office, an Initial Determination Letter, or the latest four consecutive receipts showing the amount and date paid. For any questions about how to retrieve this document, please call 732-982-8710.
  • Child support, alimony, TANF, GA, and any other state benefits are all considered income and an updated awards letter must be provided.
  • Business income: schedule C from the previous year’s Tax Returns showing profit/loss.
  • Rental income: schedule E from the previous year’s Tax Returns showing rental profit/loss.

NOTE: with the exception of Social Security income, please note bank statements are not acceptable for proof of income.


If you own a home please provide a copy of your deed, current year property tax statement or current mortgage statement.


If you are a renter, please provide a copy of your current lease. If you do not have one, a current letter from the landlord indicating the address and occupancy status must be submitted. Please note, all month-to-month leases must be from within 60 days. Click here for Tenant Lease Verification Form.

Electric and gas bills

Copies of your most recent electric bill and/or gas bill with your current address.

Federal Income Tax Return MAY be required

Federal Income Tax MAY be required. Tax forms MUST be signed if self-prepared. (Handwritten tax returns are not acceptable; instead, transcripts will need to be submitted). If the line for taxable interest (lines 8a – 8b) or dividends (lines 9a – 9b) has $150 or over, the corresponding 1099-INT form and corresponding current account statement will need to be submitted. For clients that are not required to file a non-filing verification letter from the IRS will need to be provided.

PLEASE NOTE: Additional documents may need to be requested once your application is reviewed.
Households who utilize municipal electric services will not be eligible for PAGE program benefits.

  • Households who utilize municipal electric services will not be eligible for PAGE program benefits.
  • Please make sure the application is completely filled out with all of the required documents attached and signed.
  • Applications can be mailed, scanned/emailed or dropped off in person. Faxed applications will only be accepted if legible. Incomplete applications will NOT be processed.
  • For online applications, please make sure that the above Required Documents are in one of the following file formats: .pdf, .jpeg/.jpg, .tif, or .doc/.docx.
  • Also, the file size of each required document cannot exceed 500 KB. The only exception is your utility bill, which cannot exceed 1 MB. Lastly, please note that these files must be properly submitted on the document upload page in order to have your application accepted.

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